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Our products come from very fine origin cacaos in Mayan Central America (historically known as Mesoamerica). They are part of specialty “trinitario” cacao plantations and terroirs that develop extraordinary and unique flavour notes, due to the interaction of genetics, sun, soil and local weather.

Our cacao comes from our own farm (Izalco) but also from central american cooperatives who use highest quality agricultural practices. 


Cacao (Theobroma cacao), native to Central and South America (Amazon), has been used by the indigenous civilizations  for many purposes because of its great benefits.


Cultivation, cultural elaboration and use of cacao were more extensive in Mesoamerica (Central America) region by the mayan first and aztecs civilizations after.


The word "cacao"  originated  from the Maya word "Ka'kau",  as well as the  Maya words "Chocol'ha" and the verb "chokola'j" (to drink chocolate together), were then adapted centuries later by the Aztecs.





The Maya believed that the ka'kau'  was discovered by the gods in a mountain that also contained other delectable foods to be used by the Maya.  


The cocoa tree biological role is quite important for the preservation of the tropical rainforest in the region, known to harvest some of the best cacao varieties since ancient times.

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