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Our young company AUREA TRADINGS is the only one based between Italy and El Salvador,

promoting the best cacao from El Salvador to customers

who seek unique Specialty Cacao products, with full traceability, and/or artisanal products

such as cacao nibs and stone ground cocoa paste (ceremonial cacao).

Our intention is to add value to our farm "Finca Cuyancúa", located in the Izalco area, 

Sonsonate, El Salvador, and other farms located in El Salvador, where we source incredible

 We mostly produce Fino de Aroma cacao and make natural and nutritional chocolates

and buy products with the finest ingredients.

El Salvador is one of the ancient cacao land, part of Mesoamerica, where cacao was adopted since millennia

from indigenous people.

Our cacao is grown in areas that date back to the "Maya" and "Nahua-Pipil" period , which provides

unique flavors and aromatic notes, typical characteristics of the Mesoamerican

region, with distinguished organoleptic qualities. 

As a social business, we are promoting good agricultural

practices and  encourage the growth of new and existing

plantations, by offering the most competitive

prices to producers.

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